Sectional plane 1

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Sectional plane 2

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Sectional plane 3

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sectional plane 4

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sectional plane 5

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sectional plane 6

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Sectional plane 7

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Sectional plane 8

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Sectional plane 9

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Art and philosophy crosscut the chaos and confront it.

How can you confront something that has no sides, up and down (directions), or front?

The act of crosscutting is a directional movement and creates sides.

Do an act and its outcome necessarily share the same directions?

In a chaotic environment, every act will provoke a chain reaction branching out in many directions.

What is the form of the “branching out chain reaction” provoked by an artistic act?

Any attempt at naming, describing or defining the form of the branching out chain reaction provoked by an artistic act within this “thinking score”, which confront the chaos according to philosophy’s cutting method, is impossible, since the latter cannot provide answers regarding art’s cutting method.

Is a score not to be performed ? And performance not an artistic practice?

The artistry of performance is to integrate artistic, philosophical and other kinds of methods into an act and an experience that propose an understanding of chaos.