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A gesture is an event between movement and language.


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Is not movement a sort of language?

A language is a (more or less) coherent ensemble of codified signs interdependent on each other through syntactic rules.

Is our perception of the body so codified, that every movement we make becomes language?

Every movement “we” look at (human body movement) gives “us” or refers to a sense of movement in “our” own body, which gives us a potentially shared system of reference.

Could the vagueness, difference and friction denoted by “a sort of”, “(more or less)”, “so”, and “potentially shared” help us to discern a grammar of the event?

The vagueness, difference and friction denoted by those terms show cracks in the grammar, cracks where the event is growing and spreading like weeds.

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Does placing something in an ungraspable place provoke
interpretation as a form of curiosity?