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Margaret Thatcher's Iron Lady speech


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Ajoutée par le  8 nov. 2010

Margaret Thatcher's famous Iron Lady speech. Thatcher speaks briefly on her view of the Russian military buildup.

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  • the greatest leader england ever had wonderful lady. she fucked the unions who are scum of the earth but the unions are still moaning today want more money less hours it makes me sick thank fuck brown has gone he left uk in so much debt its time to start paying it back and unions dont like it again

  • It's their not there anyway i live in a council house and have no work at the moment but i will fine work so i'm working class,as for the Falklands she was right to go to war.She was right to close the mines because they were losing taxpayers money.Under thatcher i earned good money years later Brown gave it all away to immigrants that have milked this country dry.

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  • My bad. Andrew Jackson became President in 1828, by which time many believe that the party took their name. I am in favor of which the party originally stood for. Farmers, Cotton Pickers and the working class. Not what I see now.

  • Let's see. What used to be known as the Democratic Party is now completely dead. They are in fact Liberal Progressives- for the basis fundamentals of the party were hard working farmers who believed in state's independent rights to make laws. The party was introduced by Thomas Jefferson and later established by Andrew Jackson circa 1800. The Republican Party is I would say 70% dead. America's politics really are awful, so bad I don't know who to vote for.

  • This used to be yours and my peoples way untill the nai left got in and even the right are following the same thing just as in usa

  • Fuck new labour and david cameron, what the fuck is the country coming too! I have worked in a skilled jobc and seen a family buisiness destroyed by legistaion, and then working for the same money for 10 hours a day then 12 then 14 even though they get high prices for this work is that the endless legistation has made everything so complicated everything has gone abroad. why can't we sort this out, maybe the sun does no want us to do this ?

  • No, we were not directly founded by you British- that was Christopher Columbus who landed on the North American continent in 1492- the Pilgrims wanted to escape your evil British rulings and came in 1620 on the Mayflower. Our Country was founded on freedom of choices- speech, religion, and so forth. Our Founding Fathers had a revolution with you guys in the late 1700s- so please get over yourselves. I am part English myself, my ancestory goes back to the year 1042 AD.

  • I notice how you say the F- word an awful lot which says to me that you are not as intelligent as you claim to be. I wouldn't brag about your country though- Unless you've lived in these United States you would get a culture shock. When I visit the UK, I will hunt you down to prove you wrong.

  • I believe that the nation you currently live in was founded by us the British who hasn't been under rule by the monarchy for some time in fact this is the same monarchy that your nation is obsessed with, i also believe that the strong religious beliefs your nation lives by lead to extreme, rash and stupid decisions as well as stupid people, the fact that you boast about not voting in elections tells me that you are fucking stupid. Finally America isn't the greatest nation it is the greatest lie.

  • Either way you say it sounds horrible. At least my nation was not founded strictly on monarchy or pure Marxist theories. In fact, I did not vote for more than half the leaders currently in power. I am very well educated, studied many other nations, and have found others that are worse than America currently is- 40% of people who believe Socialism is a good idea. America is a REPUBLIC- and will forever be the Greatest Nation in the WORLD!

  • Yeah maybe you should read it again and you will see that i said Fuck off TO America not fuck off America, as for you not wanting to live here good because from you saying about America being the greatest nation in the world i can tell your one of them idiots who actually believes that.

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