Pick up Voices balances on the boundaries of many a register: shadow play, lecture, performance. It proposes alternative history rooted in orality and documentary performance. Christine Desmedt memorized and replays excerpts from interviews with 4 artists focusing on their views on improvisation. A living human recording device, she is channeling voices of others through the filter of her own timbre and body, bastardizing gesturality and tonalities. While improvisiation is the subject, the performance is not, strictly scripted and replayed. Myriam Van Imschoot employs the overhead projector as an imaginative tool to structure and refracture the stories being told. Overhead and performer get entangled in a duet for image and voice.

Pick up Voices premièred during the Intimate Strangers festival, curated by Meg Stuart (December 5 2008). The piece took place in the Board Room of Kaaitheater in Brussels and was played as a 30 minute ‘loop’ for small audience groups of 12 to 15 people. It was part of a ‘parcours’ that besides Pick up Voices showcased installations, music concerts and dance pieces of international artists from the fields of performance, dance and experimental music.