Finalizing Former version

  • integrate all previous websites of sarma. B-kronieken?
  • indexing problem

New requirements

  • can we have a version of Oral Site to make pages on We would like to simplify the difference between sarma pages, documents, oral site pages.
  • how to make the tagging system of oral site compatible with sarma
  • can we include pdf’s, images in the documents of the text-archive?
  • can we include links in the documents in the text archive?



  • ‘show map of related’: is never used. Also it doesn’t make sense to have this option on many pages. (eg the homepage)
  • homepage too rigid for the many different projects of sarma
  • difference between ‘pages’ and ‘documents’ is not clear for a visitor. It treats both texts in the same way while they are very different.
  • text-archive: in a previous version it was possible to make sub-searches.
  • indexing problem + same search can sometimes give different results -> it’s not stable for a visitor
  • a more clear news section: for current projects + include a script to make visible the latest additions of texts



  • Oral History bank
  • import B-kronieken