The Wilde’s Collect

On the 12th of December I packed my bag and travelled to Berlin. My hand recorder within reach, I knocked on Ida’s door and a bell within her rang. She was baking cakes and I was pouring wine. We hadn’t seen each other for months, and full of excitement and a little bit of nervosity, she told me a story I had heard for the first time somewhere in April. E.T.

Eine Wirklich Wilde Geschichte

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Ida Wilde

Ida Wilde is the wife of Henry Wilde who is known to some as Antonia Baehr. At the launch event of More Than One Tie (Beursschouwburg Brussel, April 10, 2013), she performed The Wilde’s Collect, a lecture performance that tells the story of her life, her life with Henry Wilde. Sarma invited Ida Wilde to compose “A Day With…”: a small group of people will spend the day with her, make landscape paintings along the canal, talk, eat, drink… An intimate and hands-on experience of how life and work intermingle and how this mix makes sense on a daily basis.