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Review by Bart Plantenga, author of Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo and Yodel in Hifi, published on youtube 16 June 2013

I met Myriam van Imschoot last year at Extrapool in Nijmegen. She had come all the way from Belgium to see the JODELCLUB event at which i presented a lecture but, more importantly, Doreen Kutzke (…) performed as Kutzkelina & Raionbashi, combining ethereal yodels with loops & noise. Myriam eventually wrote this sustained piece for 2 yodeled voices in the manner of variations on a theme as if the ghost of Cage were hovering over her shoulder. The resulting piece is a magnificent example of ecstasy under wraps, whereby the joy & elegance are forced to perform within a strict framework & like haiku, come out illuminating yodeling with a new kind of light. It was the 2nd premiere of the evening, after Ergo Phizmiz’s UOEIA during the event That Global Glottis at the Operadagen Rotterdam, 30 May, 2013 as produced by Peter & Annemiek [DE PLAYER:] with some help from me.

Imschoot is working on a cycle of works that deal with yodeling, like the Yodel Portraits , Hola Hu & in the future a vocal ensemble piece. She notes: “It’s funny that since I made my solo ‘Living Archive’ (2011) (which ends with a song in which i sing that I wish I could yodel), [the] yodel has become central in all of what I do.”

Me & Doreen go further back to 2006 when I met her during an Amsterdam outdoor festival called Jodel Camping, which featured outdoor reading, DJing, Kutzkelina & the Devil’s Harmonica performing & the next day — for something completely different!! — we performed in Amsterdam’s Red Light District at the famous Winston Hotel, during a Winston Kingdom event, accompanied by trad-clad jodeler Jopie Vogelvang & freaking out even the they-only-come-out-at-night freaks…

Doreen Kutzke: Myriam van Inschoot:… About Holalala Hu:… Extrapool:


The video shows a fragment of the rehearsals of the generations I, III, IX and XI of Hola Hu. Camera: Zeljco Blace. Performers: Doreen Kutzke and Myriam Van Imschoot. Pianofabriek, 11 October 2013

Video shot (excerpt) by Jose Pablo Estrada Torrescano for Klankenstroom Diest. Hola Hu was performed in the old historical Citadel, in a day of musical performances and installations, curated by Guy Vandromme. 19 April 2015.


Hola Hu in OEIA#1 - Global Glotis at Opera Dagen, 31 June 2013

Hola Hu at Pianofabriek, 8 December 2013.

Reaction by Bernard Van Eeghem: “(…) ik was zeer opgetogen over jullie jodel-performance. De menselijke stem is ècht wel het schoonste instrument als het gezwind is aangewend en dat was bij deze van een liefdevolle en kordate finesse: religie (de zang had iets religieus), weemoed, het conflict tussen individu en gemeenschap hoe raar dit ook zingt, berg en dal, hoorngeschal, alles komt door en met en in de geest waaien en de repetitieve structuur van de afgemeten zangstonden annex pauzes is een juiste keuze. Enfin, ik heb er zeer van genoten en verlangde naar meer, verlangde naar de witte bergen, verlangde in de sneeuw. (…) Het is veel meer dan dat natuurlijk: fado, saudade, flamenco, en de Inuit-keelzangeressen in Bozar Cinematek en usw.”

Hola Hu at Mediamatic, 28 November 2013, in an organization by De Player for UOEIA#2: Global Glotis, with the support of Gonzo Circus.

Hola Hu with a Kucku added, long version of one hour that strung the two duets Hola Hu and Kucku as one marathon performance, at Skolska 29, Prague, 21 February 2014.