In Efemeriden the upper section of a skyscraper is shot from a distance. Miniscule like insects, inhabitants appear on the balconies and wave for a considerable time, to a point or event that is outside of the frame.

In this video Myriam Van Imschoot works with her own living surroundings, the highest residential tower of Brussels and 50 of her neighbors. Compertimentalized into the sections of their living units, they appear united for the viewer’s eye only.

Efemeriden is sometimes shown as a complement to a text-projection performance on waving. It was presented autonomously too, as a looped video.

Credits: Video: Myriam Van Imschoot. Camera: Pablo Castilla, in collaboration with Myriam Van Imschoot. Production assistant: Helène Göring. Artistic advice: Jo Huybrechts. Production: Dienst Nederlandse Cultuur van de Gemeente Schaarbeek.