Excerpt from Yodel Portrait



PORTRAIT 2: DIETWIN DE JODELAAR Discovered in talent shows on television, Dietwin is a self-made entertainer at après-ski parties. He is a born fan now making fans with his first release Das Jodelcanon. For Dietwin yodeling has become a way to create a parallel life and live his dream.

PORTRAIT 3: NICOLAS Y GALEAZZI A Swiss born ex-pat living in Belgium, he never has been paying much attention to his cultural roots until the birth of his daughter. He sings and speaks about lullabies and Alpsegen.

PORTRAIT 4: BOB VRIELING Bob Vrieling is a yodeler who worked as a musician in the daily shows at Bobbejaanland, the amusement park run by late world-famous yodeler Bobbejaan Schoepen. He speaks about roller coasters and the yodeling cowboy.