Video: Myriam Van Imschoot & Pablo Castilla.


Drawing: Pablo Castilla


Doreen Kutzke started yodeling at the age of 6, in her hometown, Blankenburg, Harz, where she was born in 1975. An actress, singer, composer, Doreen teaches singing improvisation. She leads a Jodelschüle in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Myriam Van Imschoot has been studying with Doreen Kutzke since 2011. A writer and a performance artist based in Brussels, she became interested in yodeling as a form of long distance communication and now develops a series of works and compositions in a series of residences at Campo Ghent.

Pablo Castilla is a film maker and documentary maker. He often collaborates with choreographers. With Myriam Van Imschoot he has been collaborating since 2008 (Fax Film, Efemeriden, Lift, and various documentation projects).