Recording 1 Soirée Parole



O mh u a d o mh b gh ö u l l m d l la l


last time helps attributes o ehm a o eppure degenerates old destroys presses time fools bridges peregrinates in the basement ah ah ehm so


So, quando avevo quindici anni when I was fifteen, nella mia infanzia in my childhood, one night before going to sleep, detects ! I met a detective. Merrily.


It was a mixture of .. fulminates ! A fulminated detective and a dead or a dad. During his childhood. Relatively to my childhood.


And bakes monthly, a monthly bread of. The fact that the power wrests away, besides the fact that i met this ghost detective.


I was sleeping in a room quando avevo quindici anni when I was fifteen dopo le elezioni after the elections the fact that i was drawn by detectives but because I was sleeping in this room that has two doors, like one on this side and one on the other side and


I was in the bed trying to fall asleep and I could not stop imagining all this stuff going from one door to the other one.


There was like, armies, and roman centurions, Hannibal and the elephants, monks, medieval monks, and, that night the fact that we have overcame the detective story and we moved on to another. Si ! Ok. Shyly ! Shyly !


T p b t d b A t ch n m n m t ch n n


che hurry che che Jog che Smile sorride che che during her childood. The fact that you were constantly impressed by che mh lo stesso giorno


Adesso ci avrebbe anche rotto no it’s prima della partenza determines cosicchè un deserto di ossa umane


Did you ever thought about ? SI !


Because actions are reflections.


Asians/Actions are studies/factions quando me ne stavo in africa on a train track inside a cylinder.


So there was this guy that kept his hunting trophies in a house down the garden. He used to go hunting in very extravagant places. He had no economic problems. He took trips just to hunt wild animals. And he kept all these stuffed animals in his house down the garden.


And he also had live animals. He had zebras. Emus. Deers.


Once the deers came to our side of the fence and they stayed there and there wasn’t a way to hunt them and we couldn’t hunt them


and I said to my dad : “Dad, the deer tastes good” and my dad said : “No, we can’t, it’s the neighbor’s” and I said “But they tastes good” and he said “No” and then time went by and then we waited time and we waited time and then then my dad said,


once my dad said at my dad said once my dad said “Come with me” and it was time time went by and it was more time more time more time and then he came to me and he said “Come”


and we went we went we went we went to the room of the fridge and in the fridge in the, actually in the freezer, there was a lot of frozen deer


and I said “What happened dad?” and he said ” We reached an agreement” and i said ” What agreement?” and he said


“If we can hunt them in our ground we can keep the meat” and and and I said “Ok dad, what do we do with the meat?” and he said “It’s in the freezer, you can have it” and I said “but, how many, how many, how many deers” and he said “I don’t know” but anyway.


Thank you.


So, we take a fifteen minutes break and then we do exactly the same thing.